How Far To Zuccotti Park
An Original Drama  
Our feature film script has been adapted for radio and audio podcasts.

Julia is a graduate student studying Artificial Intelligence (AI). She is arrested during the police raid at Zuccotti Park. Through the work of her civil rights attorney, who is also a legendary NYC spoken-word poet, we discover her arrest was not random. Julia and her attorney navigate the legal, political and societal waters to try to prove Julia's innocence, and through this, the story of a shared commitment to civil rights between generations is revealed.

Part 1: 30 minutes
Julia Carter, a brilliant computer science graduate student, is surprisingly arrested during a police raid at a protest rally.

Part 2: 30 minutes
Julia’s friends work with her lawyer, Paul Mills, to build Julia's defense.

Part 3 & finale: 48 minutes
Paul encounters unexpected obstacles in pursuing Julia’s freedom.

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